Sales Intelligence, Prospect Acquisition, Lead Generation, Demand Generation B2b

The perfect picture will make you pop, and is so much more viable than any blog link or status update. Try it. Youll see.

Email Marketing for Advanced Users You’ve got the basics; now learn how to take your marketing to the next level. Together, we’ll walk through advanced email editing like HTML code, contact management skills including strategies for target marketing and testing, and additional services or tools that improve Email Marketing efforts. Social Media Marketing for Beginners Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, and other social tools to boost your audience engagement and achieve your organization’s goals. You’ll get experience developing professional online profiles that strengthen your customer/member relationships, and learn to maximize the time you spend on social media by monitoring and scheduling your social posts from one place. Creating and Managing Successful Events Increase attendance and create a seamless registration experience, while saving time and maintaining a professional look. You’ll learn how to effectively utilize tools for promotion and registration, including payments and donations.

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From the post, Dave says, The error we make, is not understanding, driving, or helping the customer define their requirements or priorities. The error we make is getting engaged too late, when theyve already set their priorities. This really isnt the fault of sales or marketing. Lots of research shows that due to the Internet most prospects are 60-70% through the sales process before they even reach out to sales. The only way companies can solve this is to find a way to get involved earlier in the sales process. How can they do that?


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